this past sunday, meg, andy, aron, maya, and cristyna met to check in about where we are with current projects and what directions we’re going in this spring.

  • SPICERACK HERBALISM: most of the initial research is conplete, though we still need to double and triple check our facts and complete the cross-referencing process.

also there is still research to be done about the medicinal properties of beer and wine, and what the cost/benefit analysis of these substances may be.  it was decided that maya would do that research and it will be put in the zine as it’s own mini section.

layout will be a task, which we plan to begin tackling soon.  we also continued discussion about source siting.  there are working group meetups scheduled for April 5th at 4pm, April 8th at 4pm and April 31st at 7pm.  we hope to have a final draft ready for srutiny on the 31st.  comment if you’re interested in meetup locations.

  • *PHONE LINE:  wench wants a phone line so we can be a more accessable resource.  there are several options.  meg will research these options.
  • * GRANT:  we have been working on a grant from the resist foundation.  we want to meet a deadline for submission of May 31st.  there is work to be done writing about how wench works towards reproductive justice.  we also need to finish developing our budget, and calculate costs of running out zine distribution project.
  • *CLASSES  there are three more classes to be done as part of our empowerment series with Women in Transition.  on the 4th wednesday of each month there is a class at 6pm.  April’s will be a follow-up nutrition on a budget class, potluck style.  May’s will be about Healthy Relationships and what that looks like.  June’s will be about gender and sexual identity.
  • FREESCHOOL SERIES: with the new season, we want to start a new series of selfcare classes through the LINE freeschool.  we will kick this series off with an intro to selfcare on May 13th. from this class we will determine future classes in this series.
  • *TEEN SEX-ED: we are developing comprehensive sex education curriculum for teens.  this project is being spearheaded by a teen wench who has recent experience with abstinance only education.  we will be working with Planned Parenthood’s peer teen educating team, Louisville Youth Group, Kentucky Health and Reproductive Justice Network, and the First Unitatian Church in developing this curriculm.  it’s our goal to have classes planned by summer 2009.

that’s all for now.

check back for info about WENCH’s involvement int eh Poor People’s Economic Human Rights Conference