hey, and thanks for checking in.

we may not be posting much, but please don’t think we aren’t busy as bees.  there is a TON of selfcare education, health access research, reproductive health networking and sexuality destygmatizing going on around here and our hands are in all of  it.

our film group is still working hard of our film about barriers to abortion access in KY.  stay tuned for release info in early 2011 🙂

we are happy to continue organizing with Louisville’s Clinic Escorts, where we are currently focusing on client empowerment, normalizing abortion and training escorts to unpack their privileges in an effort to be more compassionate with clients, protesters and each other.  it is keeping us very busy and is often exhausting, but at the same time it is invigorating to be working on these issues with such fabulous people.

looking forward, we are happy to announce this exciting film event:

December 15 6pm
Louisville Free Public Library, Main Branch, Centennial room (basement)
301 York Street

we will be watching The Coat Hanger Project http://www.thecoathangerproject.com/ about the necessity of safe, legal and accessible abortion in the US.
we will watch Abortion Democracy: Poland/South Africa
which examines how illegal abortions in Poland are more accessible than legal ones in South Africa.
*we are thrilled to welcome Abortion Democracy director Sarah Diehl for discussion.*

this event is FREE, but donations to Sarah Diehl for travel expenses are encouraged.

(for some reason wordpress is not letting me embed the trailer.  try  http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WbER3aX8d6M

check back soon.  we have BIG plans for January 2011.  wheels are turning to set up a whole week of events to commemorate the anniversary of Roe v Wade!