WENCH Selfcare Education Collective has been working to educate ourselves, and others in the workings of our complex bodies and minds to empower people to live healthier lives through understanding and empowerment.  We are based in Louisville, KY.

We began in 2005 as a group of close friends seeking out reliable sources to learn about our bodies.  After a year of study we decided to open our collective to others by putting on workshops and doing outreach.  Today we work on a variety of study projects and focus on empowering individuals to create more selfcare groups, and do research on subjects they are interested in.

Activities we are involved in:

the Vagina Monologues

the Vagina Monologues

We are happy to distribute a multitude of zines, and other educational materials including speculums!

self exams help us learn about our bodies!

self exams help us learn about our bodies!

Current projects focus on sex education for school aged kids and other folks, and spicerack herbalism: the medicinal properties of culinary herbs and spices.


5 Responses to About

  1. Doug Stern says:

    Kudos! Very well done…clearly, cleanly and with lots of heart.

    In admiration,


  2. Angie Cornet says:

    Where are the monthly (wed. night 6pm) classes held?


    • wenches says:

      angie, thanks for your interest!!! the wednesday classes are through Women in Transition. i’m not sure how open they feel about walkins on these classes, though they are free. if you are able to contact them through their site (which is linked in our “welcome” post) you should be able to find out how open those classes are. the WIT office is in old louisville.

      WENCH will be kicking off a new series of freeschool classes in May which will be open to everyone. please check back! we’d love to see you soon!

      thanks, meg

  3. Heather Ault says:

    Announcing 4000 Years for Choice!

    A new project has officially launched – one that celebrates the reproductive roots of contraception and abortion from the past 4000 years! This project responds directly to anti-choice groups, specifically 40 Days for Life, through a weekly postcard campaign to clinics. It aims to bring inspiring images that celebrate the ancient traditions of women’s reproductive health into our daily lives.


    Please post or pass along this website along to others!


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