***Details about all birth control methods are available on the Cedar River Clinic’s birth control comparison chart.***

Deciding  if when and in what number to have children is part of caring for ourselves and each other.

A variety of birth control methods are available at a range of costs.  All of these methods are either chemical, or use conscious self management.

Chemical methods include birth control pills, depo shots, norplant, patches, nuva ring, and spermicidal jellies which are on most condoms.    Most of these methods work by using synthetic hormones to mimic our own hormones and trick bodies into not ovulating.  These fake hormones can cause all sorts of disruptions in our bodies functions.  This  is why these methods are known for their undesirable side effects.  Jellies do not alter hormone function but can be irritants, contaminants and some are carcinogenic.

Methods that require self management include abstinence and other forms of sex such as oral, or analFertility awareness is a highly effective method when self management is practiced accurately and costs very little for a few supplies.  Another common form of self management is the use of condoms.

For accurate details and statistics about each of these methods visit the Cedar River Clinic’s birth control comparison chart.