WENCH works to address the stigma around menstruation.  Most females are told that their periods are a curse: they are painful, smelly, gross hassles.

The media and product manufacturers encourage us to use bleached and perfumed products to try to avoid a “smelly mess”.  The western medical industry suggests we medicate ourselves with anything from anti-inflammatories to muscle relaxers, to chemical hormones.  All of these products perpetuate the stigma, and can harm our bodies.  Some believe that having negative opinions about our body functions can actually contribute to problems.  We have found that a balanced, healthy diet combined with exercise and a positive attitude about our bodies will do way more for us than products and pills.

Tampons and disposable pads contain a chemical called dioxin, a known carcinogen.  Tampons can also cause tears to delicate vaginal tissues and leave behind fibers which provide breeding ground for bacteria.  These bacteria can cause infections are usually what cause any unpleasant odors.  Disposable options also carry considerable economic and environmental impact from both production and disposal.

Healthier alternatives include cloth pads which can be bought or made.  These pads are soft, easy to wash and will last for decades!  Also available are reusable cups that suction inside the vaginal canal and catch fluid.  They are comfortable, easy to deal with, contain no dioxin, and can be worn over night!  These cups will also last for 10+ years and are far less likely to cause tearing or infection.  These are our favorite alternatives around.  You may find info about sponges, and disposable cups that are better than tampons, but we have found the cups to be the most preferable in our opinions.  PLEASE contact us with any questions you may have about menstruation or products.

The history of menstration and related products is facinating, and gives great perspective to those of us living in the age of perfumed tampons and hormone shots.  Check out the Museum of Menstruation‘s website to interesting historical facts!