Mental Health is a subject which is often overlooked unless there is an extreme situation, in which case people are usually disempowered through medical treatment including drugs and institutionalization.

Most people struggle with depression, anger, stress, and other emotional extremes at some point in their lives.  Managing these feelings is often daunting.  People who experience extreme mental states regularly are often diagnosed and managed without their consent from an early age.

The tools that we need to manage our mental and emotional states are hard to find on our own.  A good place to start is by analyzing what we need to work on and what contributes to these situations.  Chemical abuse (including prescription drugs, street drugs, and alcohol) and poor dietary or sleeping habits can be major factors.  Often acknowledging our problems is the hardest part about treating them.

We are only able to treat our problems when we can face them head on.  This takes time, understanding, and support.  For more information about addressing mental health, visit the Icarus Project, and as usual, ask us questions!  We are not certified professionals, but we are happy to offer support and resources.