Why Self care?

When access to health care is limited it is important to examine other modalities of health care outside the Western medical model. Self care is a model of health care based on autonomy, community and empowerment. It is an important concept that anyone can incorporate into their life without legislation or funding.

The idea behind self care is simple: individuals use the tools they have available to make decisions for themselves based on close personal attention. It is often astonishing to discover the tools we have available to us that we never thought to look for. A network of support and community are the greatest tools and so self care becomes a community builder because a person is not healthy unless their neighbor is healthy and vice versa. Self care becomes a model that is feasible because it emphasizes preventative care rather than reactive care. It gives attention to mental, emotional, spiritual, and the physical.

WENCH examines ways in which people already participate in self care, what resources are available, and how we can begin to shift our perspective on health care into a model that is holistic and empowering.