Zines about selfcare:

· “herbal first aid” very basic. Good research aid.

– “empower yr sexy self: a workbook” full of fun activities and check lists to get you thinking about your sexuality in an empowering way.  produced by WENCH

· “the farmacy guide to local healing and herbalism” simple, but detailed. Info about using herbs for certain healing techniques, including instructions on making teas, tinctures, salves and syrups, and a glossary of herbal actions.

· “nekkid” issues #1 and #2. Awesome resources for getting to know your body and sexuality.  complete with fun comics.

zines about female selfcare:

· “menstrual problems: a holistic approach — Take Back Your Health Sistas” –good starting place for understanding a variety of menstrual problems, and ways to deal with them. One of our more popular zines.

· “wives tales” –one of the more popular overall DIY female health zines (punk oriented, but still very useful)

· “HPV” –all the info in one place, finally! new from the down there health collective of DC.

· “fertility awareness for non-invasive birth control”– very thorough, includes many details about fertility tracking, and a section about herbs. very thick.

· “chart it!”–fertility awareness basics + a year’s worth of charts

· “do it yourself gynecological exam” –easy to understand brochure. We also have speculums available for anyone interested.

Zines about transgender health:

· “holistic care through gender transition. A nutritional and herbal guide to transgender care.” By Brooklyn based herbalist Jacoby Ballard.

· “trans-care – what to eat and supplements and herbs to help prepare and heal you around surgery times!” by Brooklyn based herbalist Jacoby Ballard. Very helpful info for someone having gender transition surgeries.

zines about consent, assault and healing:

· “Support” –for survivors of sexual assault. Very good resource for perps, survivors and allies.

· “see no, hear no, speak no” –- questions and articles about sexual assault. Great for making us all think.

· “ask first!” tons of great info and resources about consent, assault and healing. Thick, and thorough! (outta Louisville!)

· “let’s talk about CONSENT baby!” All the basics. Great starting place.

· “teaching sexual ethics: consent rules!” double sided handout. Really breaks it down.

· “ten suggestions for people being called out for abusive behavior” another must have handout. Gives great perspective.

zines about abortion:

· “unapologetic choice: a radical reproductive rights journal” amazing collection of articles, resources, stories, posters and history.2006

· “I had an abortion” beautiful collection of stories, put out by a feminist run groups of clinics in Washington State.

· “this is me, using my choice: an anthology” wonderful anthology with poetry, ranting, art, sadness and joy. BIG.

· “My mifepristone (aka RU-486) journal” small and cute. Three day account of a medical abortion (the pill).

· “abortion etiquette” concise and nice. single page zine excerpt from negrita #8

zines about mental health:

· “friends make the best medicine” resource zine by the Icarus Project about building mental health support communities.

· “harm reduction guide to coming off psychiatric drugs” by the Icarus Project and the Freedom Center. A level headed approach to a difficult process that most people don’t want to talk about. This zine considers all the angles, and is full of resources.

zines about healthcare history:

· “witches, nurses and midwives: history of women’s health” documents the rise of patriarchy in medicine and the silencing of women’s selfcare health wisdom.

· “Jane: documents from Chicago’s clandestine abortion service 1968-1973” a lesson in people’s history.