support before accountability Tuesday, Oct 4 2011 

wench works in a number of ways to accompany people as they become empowered to take control of their health and lives.  we have made dozens of friends over the last six years as we’ve worked to gather resources and make connections to strengthen ourselves and our communities towards creating a healthier, less oppressive place to be.

despite hundreds, or maybe thousands of folks working to create a world without abuse, it still happens even in activist circles, work and families.

this post is not about different forms of abuse

or what to do about them.  if you wish to do more research i recommend starting with the links at the end of this post.

this post is specifically a call for support.

a good friend and her 12 year old daughter are dealing with an incredibly tough situation involving two former partners who have been emotionally, psychologically and sexually abusive and are currently stalking these folks.

our friend is seeking legal help and has support from a friend that is present for them (they do not live in the same state as we wenches, or even close) but they feel very unsafe and are planning to leave their community and move away.  for now they are taking it one day at a time and trying to scrape together money and other resources for their move.

there will be some fundraising events here in Louisville KY, and i’m adding this paypal button for anyone able to kick a little cash to them.  all donations will go directly to this family and Wench will match donations up to $50 (for now.  maybe we can match more!)

please feel free to leave encouraging words here, or other resources available.  these folks could really use the support.


for more info check out:



Roe v Wade week schedule! Sunday, Dec 19 2010 

Tuesday 1/18/11  6-8pm

The State of Reproductive Justice in Kentucky: A Community Conversation
Hosted by the Anne Braden Institute for Social Justice Research featuring panelists from the Kentucky Health Justice Network, Wench Health Education Collective, and ACLU Reproductive Freedom Project.

301 York Street, main library, centennial room.

Wednesday 1/19/11  6-8pm

Theater of the Oppressed and clinic escort panel

Interactive theater aimed at illustrating the atmosphere outside Kentucky’s only fulltime abortion clinic. With organizer Lindsay Gargotto.

Louisville Presbyterian Theological Seminary,  Winn Center, McAtee Conference room.  (building 18 on this map.)!/event.php?eid=117283728343440

Thursday 1/20/11  6-8pm

SPEAKOUT to normalize abortion.

We will come together to share stories and validate people’s abortion experiences.  Please share your story about your abortion experience (no political rhetoric!)  There will be an expressive art station and a mental health selfcare space on-site. Join us!!  location TBA!/event.php?eid=188279937849220

Friday 1/21/11

Queering Reproductive Justice, a Community Conversation.  2pm UofL SAC, room W307.!/event.php?eid=184507844902318

Movie night:  Silent Choices 6-8pm

Planned Parenthood of KY  1025 S. 2nd St.!/event.php?eid=172196532821754

Saturday 1/22/11

Fundraiser show with Bunny Day and the Mercy Buckets, Meredith Pass, Silo + Banda Copas! Raffle and silent auction. Benefits A Fund, ACLU, clinic escort legal defense fund. $10 suggested donation.

BBC taproom @ Main & Clay streets!/event.php?eid=154217847960211

Sunday 1/23/11  5-7pm,

Annual Candle Light Vigil hosted by Louisville NOW chapter and Kentucky Religious Coalition for Reproductive Choice.

4th Avenue Methodist Church @ 4th and St Catherine Streets

pre order your t-shirt today! Wednesday, Nov 17 2010 

shirts will look slightly different

available in red, green, and brown.  order NOW!


make great holiday gifts!!!

if paypal isn’t your thing comment here and we’ll work out some other payment method 🙂

also write


staying busy! Tuesday, Nov 2 2010 

hey, and thanks for checking in.

we may not be posting much, but please don’t think we aren’t busy as bees.  there is a TON of selfcare education, health access research, reproductive health networking and sexuality destygmatizing going on around here and our hands are in all of  it.

our film group is still working hard of our film about barriers to abortion access in KY.  stay tuned for release info in early 2011 🙂

we are happy to continue organizing with Louisville’s Clinic Escorts, where we are currently focusing on client empowerment, normalizing abortion and training escorts to unpack their privileges in an effort to be more compassionate with clients, protesters and each other.  it is keeping us very busy and is often exhausting, but at the same time it is invigorating to be working on these issues with such fabulous people.

looking forward, we are happy to announce this exciting film event:

December 15 6pm
Louisville Free Public Library, Main Branch, Centennial room (basement)
301 York Street

we will be watching The Coat Hanger Project about the necessity of safe, legal and accessible abortion in the US.
we will watch Abortion Democracy: Poland/South Africa
which examines how illegal abortions in Poland are more accessible than legal ones in South Africa.
*we are thrilled to welcome Abortion Democracy director Sarah Diehl for discussion.*

this event is FREE, but donations to Sarah Diehl for travel expenses are encouraged.

(for some reason wordpress is not letting me embed the trailer.  try

check back soon.  we have BIG plans for January 2011.  wheels are turning to set up a whole week of events to commemorate the anniversary of Roe v Wade!

it’s been too long Monday, Jul 26 2010 

several wenches had the privilege to attend a fabulous and extensive training this weekend about access to reproductive health services for  women in Kentucky.

there were about 50 attendees from all over KY and from other states.  i was impressed by the diversity in age, race, background, gender identity, sexual orientation and the range of fields in which we work and advocate.

the training was inspiring and infuriating.

we have been treating this blog a lot like a website (leaving it as is and not blogging) but i hope to change that pattern.  as i sort out my thoughts from the training i plan to blog about my hopes, fears and goals.

i will encourage other wenches to write more as well.

we are busy with a number of projects, and continue to blog about our experiences doing clinic defense.  please check back for more.

interview with social justice advocate Loretta Ross about hardships of people accessing reproductive healthcare. Thursday, Jan 28 2010 

produced by friends.  great work Hunter, Charlie, Judi, and Ms. Ross!

Friday, Dec 11 2009 

coat hanger jewelry makes great gifts!

remind people why abortion should stay legal

these handmade pieces are available in gold, silver, and red wire.

necklaces $7-10  earrings $12-15

interested? comment here or email

please tell your friends.  thank you!!!

Thursday, Dec 10 2009 

Abortion Access Documentary:

Barriers in Kentucky.

WENCH is receiving support from the Ky Health Justice Network to produce a film about barriers to abortion access in KY.  We are very excited about this project.

People who have experienced accessing abortion in Ky who are willing to share their story are encouraged to contact us.  We will not disclose your identity if you wish.  We are looking especially for people who live in rural areas, or have had to deal with unreasonable hardships in order to access this medical care.

you may comment here, or contact us directly:

WENCH Selfcare Collective
PO Box 2335
Louisville KY  40201

Stay tuned for more info about the film.

the leaves are falling. feeling WENCHy? Monday, Nov 2 2009 

Thanks for checking in!  We’ve been really busy these last couple of months.  New abortion resources are available now.  Check out our other blogs and share them with your friends: (tips for clients of Louisville’s abortion clinic)  (writings about escorting at the clinic)

Other projects this Fall include:

Feminist reading group with the Feminist Alliance of UofL.   Focus for this semester: feminism is not just for women.  For more info, or to get involved contact Ann:

Training with Appalshop for video editing and production.  We plan to produce a number of films about selfcare and health issues, starting with roadblocks to abortion access in Louisville.


WENCH is excited to partner with the Ky Health Justice Network and the Feminist Alliance of UofL to show JANE, an Abortion Service.  The film will be shown in UofL’s Floyd Theater as a fundraiser for FAUL, WENCH and the Ky AFund, suggested donation $5-20.  SAVE THE DATE: Friday December 4th,  6pm.  Childcare and refreshments provided.  We are raising funds to send WENCHes to an international conference on Reproductive Justice next spring.  Coming soon, a “donate here” option on this site.


print by Merrydeath Stern. Just Seeds

We are working hard on growing our network to empower and educated people about taking control of their health and their lives.  Spread the word about WENCH, and our projects and partners.  It makes a true difference to have this info out.

NOTE: there is a new way to communicate with us:

PO Box 2335
Louisville KY 40201

Thanks and TAKE CARE!

Building the Unsettling Force: National Conference to End Poverty. Saturday, Jul 25 2009 

kid art hosted by The Brick House Art Collective

WENCH lead our Why Selfcare workshop last weekend at a national conference in Louisville organized by Women In Transition KY and featuring the Poor People’s Economic Human Rights Campain, and the Social Welfare Action Alliance.

Attending groups included West Coast Hip Hop Congress, New Jerusalem, WEAP Oakland, KYians for Single Payer Healthcare, and many others.

Many wonderful people from a very diverse background came together.  The weekend was packed with rich discussions, fabulous food and inspiring music.

Special thanks to local organizers for busting some chops and making magic happen.  Who you WIT?

Here are some sight from People’s Fest  Shelby Park Sunday July 19, 2009

JohnDoe and Shamako Noblepeops fest

soul train.  yup.

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